Thickness and Tolerance Chart For Angles, Bars

StainlessSS Round Bars

Stainless Steel Bar Tolerance Chart

The tolerances for stainless steel round bars are typically calculated based on industry standards such as ASTM A276 or ISO 286-2. These standards provide guidelines for the acceptable range of deviations from the nominal diameter of the round bar. The tolerances can vary depending on the diameter of the bar, the length of the bar, the grade of the stainless steel, and other factors.

The tolerance for stainless steel round bars is typically expressed in terms of the difference between the maximum and minimum diameter of the bar, e.g. a 1-inch diameter stainless steel round bar with a tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches would have a permissible range of 0.995 inches to 1.005 inches.


  Size Range (mm)


  Standards Followed


  16 to 200

  DIN 1013/K13


Stainless SS Angles

SS Angle Thickness Chart

The chart helps in determining the appropriate size and weight of the angle for various applications. The thickness and weight of the SS angle bar depend on the size and shape of the angle and are calculated using the manufacturing standards and tolerances for stainless steel angles

  Size Range (mm)   Thickness(mm)
  20 X 20   3 to 5
  25 X 25   3 to 6
  30 X 30   3 to 6
  35 X 35   3 to 6
  40 X 40   3 to 10
  50 X 50   3 to 10
  60 X 60   5 to 10
  65 X 65
 75 X 75
80 X 80
100 X 100
  5 to 10

Stainless Steel Flats Bars

SS Flat Bar Sizes in mm

Stainless steel flat bars thickness refers to the measurement of the width and thickness of the flat bar. Flat bars are rectangular-shaped metal bars with a flat surface and square edges. The thickness of stainless steel flat bars varies based on the width of the bar and the specific grade of stainless steel used

   Size Range (mm)   Thickness(mm)
  20   5 to 15
  25   4 to 20
  30   4 to 25
  35   4 to 25
  40   4 to 30
  45   4 to 30
  50   4 to 32
  60   5 to 32
  65   5 to 32
  70   5 to 32
  75   5 to 32
  80   6 to 32
  90   6 to 32
  100   6 to 32

Stainless SS Hex Bars

Stainless Steel Hex Bar Sizes

Stainless steel hex bar sizes refer to the dimensions of hexagonal-shaped bars made of stainless steel. These bars are commonly used in various applications, such as machining, construction, and manufacturing. The size of the hex bar typically includes its width across the flats and its overall length.

  Size Range (mm)   16   17   19   20   22   25   27   28  30    32   36

Stainless SS Square Bar

SS Square Bar Standard Sizes

Stainless steel square bars are also available in a range of sizes and dimensions, with common sizes typically ranging from 3mm to 100mm in thickness and 3mm to 100mm in width. The length of the bars can vary depending on the supplier and customer requirements. Like other stainless steel products, SS square bars are also available in different grades such as 304, 316, 410, and others, each with unique properties and characteristics suitable for different applications

  Size Range (mm)   16   18   19   20   22   25   28   30  30    32   36

StainlessSS Bright Bar

SS Bright Bar Standard Sizes

SS bright bars have standard sizes ranging from 2mm to 100mm in diameter, and are available in various grades and finishes for use in different applications such as shafts, fasteners, valves, and more

  Size Range (mm)   16 mm to 200 mm